Heavy equipment moving

Our skilled machine movers have moved everything from vintage aircraft to stuffed elephant heads to presses weighing over 1,000,000 lbs. We provide our crews with the most advanced tools of the trade, enabling them to put their many years of experience to work for our clients.

After more than 60 years in business, our machine moving company knows no two machine moving jobs are exactly alike. We work with you to first establish your end goals and expectations, then our team goes above and beyond to exceed them.

As your project partner, our experts will provide advice and create a plan that minimizes the impact moving machinery has on your business operations. We’re heavy machinery movers that are trusted by some of the most vital commercial, government and nonprofit institutions in the world. Whether you are moving machinery across your plant or across the globe, our machine moving and rigging services get the job done.

Machine Moving

No equipment is too heavy or complex for Able Machinery Movers. Equipment transport takes expertise and understanding, even if you’re only moving machinery on-site. The weight of the load alone requires logistical experience that Able is known for. We’re heavy machine movers you can trust.

Machine Moving Services

Our turnkey heavy equipment moving services include:

Full-Service heavy machinery movers

We’re a full-service heavy machinery mover that eliminates the need to hire multiple contractors. Our movers can disassemble, assemble and even store equipment if needed. We also have a nationwide network of specialized professionals that can provide niche services for the most unique moves.

machine moving company with a custom project plan for every move

Heavy equipment moving requires careful planning and coordination. Our managers create a custom project plan that covers every detail. It’s a solution-oriented plan that will get your machinery moved as safely and efficiently as possible.

constant communication 

State-of-the-art radio communication equipment keeps our fleet in constant contact with the dispatch department for real-time tracking and updates. Clear communication reduces the stress of machinery moving and helps you coordinate with your team.

Warehouse capabilities

Need to temporarily store heavy equipment? Not quite ready to install a new piece of machinery? With Able, you don’t have to find a specialty storage company. We’re a machine moving company and warehouse operator in one. Our machinery warehousing service provides both short-term and long-term storage solutions. We can arrange equipment transport to either our 200,000 square foot warehouse in Dallas or our 42,000 square foot warehouse in Houston. Once you’re ready, our heavy machine movers can get the equipment transported to your site and rigged up.

Heavy machinery Movers that take safety seriously

Heavy equipment hauling is no easy task. You’re often dealing with thousands of pounds and oversized components that are tricky to get loaded and unloaded. Every heavy equipment transport involves a certain level of risk.

At Able Machinery Movers we take safety seriously. No matter how large or small the job is, safety is always the top priority. Before we start the move, our project managers will create a custom plan that identifies safety risks and how they will be circumvented. We also carefully regulate the work site so that the potential for accidents is minimized.

As a leading machine moving company, you can trust Able to get heavy equipment moved without putting your employees, facility or machinery at risk.

Never Complacent, Always Compliant

Our experienced heavy machinery movers are the best in the business because they are never complacent about safety. We also utilize third-party risk management services like ISNetworld and Avetta to ensure compliance. 

ADHERENCE to osha safety requirements

At Able, we never do the bare minimum. We always strive to exceed the minimum OSHA requirements for job safety. Our heavy machine movers go through extensive training and project plans always factor in OSHA safety requirements.

professional grade insurance coverage

Able maintains a full line of insurance for W/C, GL, auto, umbrella, warehouse, motor cargo, inland marine, and riggers liability. Some companies rely solely on GL coverage, which doesn’t protect your equipment in transit or during the moving process. Able invests in a complete suite of with premier carriers including Lloyds G London.

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Heavy Equipment Moving - Able Machinery Movers

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